Dull in here. Dull out there.

Dull in here. Dull out there.

Why even bother?

Because despite a dislike of social media I have a lot of opinions I will rant on about. And it feels wrong, to me, to have them organised by an algorithm and shoved into the faces of the people who know me. So TRATI is the other option, if anyone cares, they will come here.

So perhaps no one will come here. I'm fine with that.

The name came from a riverside conversation with a dear friend who has been an inspiration to my mind and a dagger in my heart all at once, happily, still so. She and I were standing looking over the river Main, grimly lit as it was by a dull day, she broke the silence:

"We should have children. They would be good looking and intelligent, but we should probably be with other people"

And so I looked at her and saw she was having a serious thought, certainly one I did not fully agree with to be honest but then I am more and more certain that unrestrained honesty amongst the majority of people sounds almost exactly like insanity. Because I did understand her point, and what she meant. It's just that I do not think many people would.

And so I replied:

"You have a very rational approach to insanity."