Just a thought

As we orbit our Sun, as the Earth rotates on an axis, every now and then, someone is at the exact location on the planet that is currently facing “forwards” in our orbit. If they knew they were right there at the correct time, they could do a superman like pose, crouched on one knee, clutching some grass, looking directly up and genuinely be flying through space, pulling the planet behind them.

I'm not exactly proud but..

To help explain why I ever bother doing anything ever to a friend (my wording, not theirs) there was cause to see if an old website I "wrote for" was in the Internet Archive, lo, it was! And amongst the things I spat out in 2007 was this. And I mean, come on, it's pretty funny in retrospect. I was worried about the size of MySpace. Do you know MySpace was a thing? I was bothered that idiotic rants online were too easy to post and will be archived forever. And that is now in the internet archive.

I mean, it's not smart and I was never a talented writer but hey, I saw the patterns. But I won't link to it and encourage you not to type in the url, it is not worth the effort.