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"Eye of the tiger" on dot matrix printer

"Eye of the tiger" played on a modified dot matrix printer. MIDI file from unknown creator. More information here

I’ll make this simple, it is no longer about the encryption, Telegram offers cross platform messaging without the need for a phone number on each device. You can have huge group chats with searchable (clickable) #hashtags for easy referencing, you can give people an @username if you dont want to share your phone number and you can mute a group conversation if annoying, only getting notified if someone mentions you by @username.

Also you can send 1.5GB files from phone to computer, computer to tablet. Whatever you like.

Imagine Whatsapp but better designed and rapidly improving. Hold phone to head and talk to record audio, hold phone to head to listen, no button presses.

So you can’t have my phone number, but you can click this and we can talk:


Why I am

Hi. This is what I'm going to call, for now anyway, The Rational Approach to Insanity (for various reasons). I'm James (or Weezel) and inexplicably I work in the space industry in Europe. I love technology so am thankful to the fine humans at TheGrid for building this A.I. web designer. It is currently in beta testing and so I expect my site to grow slowly and surely as their master-brain does. If you choose to visit trati on occasion just be aware that eventually it will become SkyNet, it will come and hunt you down. But that's for later.

For now I will just say this is going to be my place where I do a thing. If you want to see a thing come here. If you do not, no offence taken, it is your choice and that is why I decided to ditch FaceBook & Google+ so people can choose.

LORN - ANVIL [Official Music Video]

The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network "Anvil" is released and made mandatory to all. A fusion of both Japanese and Belgian comics inspirations and sensibilities, such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira or Peter & Schuiten's work.

In an instant

Despite the high cost of buying instant film there is something so very pleasing about the imperfections of such photography. And only having one copy of the picture makes it feel different, or perhaps, like it used to.

I'm quite familiar with bluetooth speakers and headphones by now but what Bragi offered with the Dash was a taste (sound?) of the future. At a price, but you hardly expect the future now to be cheap do you? Let me start with what works well first because it is the quickest part of the experience to explain. The industrial design is superb. This has been said elsewhere but I would like to elaborate; the individual parts have an excellent attention to detail which is pleasing when you are buying into currently unique and advanced tech. The smooth touch surface with single microphone hole on each side looks perfectly crafted and feels great in use while the soft touch underside is a little slippery but feels solid. In-fact every part feels solid. The charging dock with magnetic holder, the aluminium sleeve with the slit to view the gently pulsing lights for charging indication (and looks weirdly like some MegaMan enemies head). You'll pick it up and idly slide it open and closed just because of the smooth yet solid tactile feedback. That's good ergonomics that is, that's pleasing.

Then there is the sound, these are after all earphones. Sound when working is perfectly fine, not the best I have heard over Bluetooth and the slight background hiss is noticeable at low volume but not so unusual in powered earphones. Easily ignored by using a reasonable volume. The audio balance is pleasing although I find even with the capable Sony Xperia EQ the bass cannot be pushed very far; I would not call bass lacking, just not very powerful.

July Talk - Guns + Ammunition (Official Video)

July Talk mit „Guns + Ammunition" aus dem kommendem Album "July Talk". Das Album erhältlich bei: | iTunes: Kanal abonnieren

The Kills have a new album, Ash & Ice. Just thought I'd let you know.

I posted this on twitter at some point but think it is well worth making a bit more permanent until Google fix this fucking absurd security issue.