The Rational Approach To Insanity

Never understand.


ALRIGHT then, TheGrid has left Beta and I should actually redesign and add content. Will Do. But first, purge. Purge and Twitter.

This For Sale advert seems a little dark.

It’s not that I actively dislike celebration although I’ve clearly been trying hard to convince all I know this is the case; I consider every moment enjoyed with people a celebration of a sort. I’m just not one for unmovable points in time for them to occur within.

What it is I dislike is actually just repetition. No one outside immediate family and devious bastards who felt they just had to know (then always forget) know when my birthday is and I don’t care if you believe me but I tend to forget when it is myself. Same with Christmass and New Year. Now see? I spelt Christmas wrong just there and did not correct it because it feels like it makes a stupid point.

It goes somewhat like this over a day:
Person 1: Happy new year!
DW: Yeah, you too.
Person 2: Happy new year!
DW: Uhhuh.
Person 3: Happy N…
DW: Really? Which ONE? Chinese? Gregorian? Some other fucking calendar?
Person next to person 3: Alright, calm down.

And so on. I’m not as miserable as people think, well, in these situations. I just like things in a one-and-done format.

And so Happy New Fuck You.

Oh, good morning, I appear to have left myself a note.

Fuck off Pinterest, you gutter sludge

I fucking hate pinterest. And yes I sound nasal, it's a telephone.